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Weekly Pass

680.00 lei

  • Full access on selected week
  • Complete equipment
  • Wakeboard board
  • Training included
  • 10% discount for bar & kitchen orders
  • Access Mon – Fri


How do you buy a subscription?

To buy a weekly subscription, you just need to add the subscription to your cart. You can add multiple subscription types to the same order. Later from the cart page you will be able to complete your order. All orders are paid online through the Netopia payment processor.

Once the subscription has been paid, you will receive a confirmation email specifying the type of subscription purchased and we will get in touch with you to set the date you want to come. For Week or Season Subscriptions, you will also receive a subscription card that you can pick up from our location or we can send it through the express courier service.

Cancel an order and return the money:

Any order can be canceled within 10 days (if you did not benefit from the purchased service) and the money will be refunded within 5 days of the return request.

Stay up to date

We’ll keep you updated with the latest information about the activities at Plaja Noua.

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